Façade construction is in its final stages at Kuntai’s Chaowai building. The existing 1990’s building has been fashioned into a ‘Jewel Box’ as part of a phased upgrading strategy for Kuntai’s Chaowai city block.

The designs features a triangular ‘diamond cut’ façade in combination with a series of large glass volumes. The four story jewellery department store is scheduled to open in 2016.

The Chaowai building will be home to 600 running meters of jewellery counters, 4000 sqm of jewellery boutiques and a 300 sqm auction house for fine arts.

昆泰的朝外大厦幕墙工程已进入尾声。 作为昆泰朝外街区改造策略的一部分,这栋90年代的建筑将变身为一个‘珠宝盒’。