Construction work is advancing on 'The Cube', a 2,000sqm showcase and library in Taiyuan. An existing boiler room will be painted red and wrapped in a new façade of glass bricks, providing a dramatic light-filled exhibition space.

In addition to ‘The Cube’, a second circular building next door combines the show units with private gardens, and further exhibition space. Both buildings are expected to be open to the public in October of 2016.

项目位于太原,设计依托原有的方形空间,设计了一个2000平方米集售楼处,洽谈空间和图书馆为一体的展示中心。 此项目中,一个原有的锅炉房结构被保留下来,旧的立面漆成红色,并被新的玻璃砖幕墙包裹,变身成为一个明媚通透,充满变幻光影的展示空间。

除了方形展示空间之外,还会有另一个圆形建筑与之毗邻,作为样板间,私家庭院,以及其它形式的展示会场之用。 两个建筑预计将于201610月面向公众开放。