CLOU’s Shoukai Vanke Daxing Office Tower receives honourable mention at 2019 Architecture MasterPrize in the ‘Tall Buildings’ category. The 124-meter tall office tower is part of a 154,000 sqm mixed use development in the economic and technological development zone of Daxing. The building complex includes a 63-meter high hotel tower and a 20,000 sqm large shopping mall.

The triangular shape of the tower builds a strong presence at the main intersection of the plot while from other angles it looks elegant and very slim. The tips of the floor plates are equipped with sky-garden balconies spanning across 2 floors. Their terraces provide comfortable outdoor seating areas with spectacular views over the adjacent park.

柯路设计的首开万科大兴办公楼获得2019Architecture Masterprize‘高层建筑’单元的荣誉提名。 万科大兴办公楼高124米,它与建筑面积20,000平方米的购物中心,以及高63米的配套酒店公寓共同组成柯路设计的万科大兴综合体项目,总建筑面积共达到15,400平方米。


‘We feel that outdoor work areas are a logical next step in the evolution of office culture,’ says Jan Clostermann, Director of CLOU.

柯路总监Jan Clostermann认为:‘室外办公设计极可能成为办公场所革新的下一步。’

CLOU designed this mixed use building complex as a ‘miniature district’ within the district of Daxing; its range of functions support a balanced work-live lifestyle.

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‘We hope the building simply makes people’s lives a little better in the way they work and in the way they connect with others,’ says Christian Taeubert Director of CLOU.

‘希望我们设计的空间能够为人们工作、社交带来更多、更好的可能性。’柯路总监Christian Taeubert如此说。

About the Architecture MasterPrize The mission of the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP), formerly AAP Architecture Prize, is to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The AMP architecture award celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture, and interior design.

关于Architecture MasterPrize Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) 前身为AAP Architecture Prize,致力于在全球范围内对扩大优秀建筑设计的影响力,发掘并奖励建筑、景观、室内领域的创新设计。