How is the apartment affected if the kitchen is collective? How does the micro-apartment adjust to a scenario where dining is not necessarily a daily activity at home? To ensure a sense of community is integrated into this shared living model some of the facilities need to be communal. The residents or ‘members’ will have access to shared spaces such as co-working areas, sports facilities, communal kitchens and laundromats.


'A new generation of urbanites decides on how they want to live.'


CLOU proposes a three-tier system starting with a basic 6 square meter unit. The second unit type is 12 square meters in size and the third one is 18 square meters.

The 6 square metre unit has been designed to accommodate those on an average income who are perhaps concerned with the cost of renting. The 12 square metre unit is envisioned for young professionals. This group often has to manage a high pressure job with a demanding workload within their lifestyle. Lastly the 18 square meter unit is designed to cater for the lifestyle of the ‘The Young Entrepreneur’ – typically young self-employed people whose financial success has been gained in their lifetime rather than inherited.

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6平方米公寓单元服务于工资收入水平一般,且对房租的支出成本较为敏感的职场新人。青年专才的公寓提案为12平方米,这类群体通常需要处理大量高压工作,且工作经常渗入生活。18平方米的公寓单元旨在满足“年轻企业家”的生活方式—— 通常为自主创业,财务较成功且经济独立。


Dwellings which pack in a large number of residents, are ‘going mainstream’ as young professionals continue to migrate to high-priced urban areas. Furthermore the digital age has resulted in modern renters having fewer physical possessions meaning tenants may just move in with a suitcase. They can instantly tap into amenities like free internet, maid services as well as making new friends.

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