The resort is shortlisted in the Leisure Led Development - Future Project category. CLOU’s Director Jan F. Clostermann will present the hotel project live to a panel of internationally renowned judges and delegates from around the world.

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is an annual festival and awards ceremony for the international architecture industry and will take place on the November 28 – 30 at the RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

See complete shortlist on archdaily.

我们的武义温泉民宿项目入围休闲主导类奖项—未来项目类别。CLOU设计总监Jan F. Clostermann将在国际知名的建筑界评委及代表面前展示并讲解该项目。



The design strategy was centered on creating two essential experiences: The calm of being alone with nature and the liveliness of a village.