The NOBO School Brand is a reflection of its educational ethos. It builds on the Individual and its many colours and, like an artist’s collage with its many layers, it relates to the endeavour of a child’s education. The brand id represented not only by its visual identity (logo, colours, type and graphics) but also by the people that carry the brand (teachers, students, families). Using the right elements and tone is essential for brand recognition and to express a single voice everywhere we go.

诺博幼儿园品牌反应了其自身的教育思想。 它建立在个体的基础上,有众多的色彩,如艺术家的拼贴作品一样有丰富的层。 它与致力于孩子的教育息息相关。品牌所代表的不仅是本身的视觉识别(标志,色彩,字体与图形)同时也代表实现品牌的人们(教师,学生,家庭)。采用了正确的元素与基调对于品牌识别与无论何时何地传达同一声音都是必不可少的。

The NOBO School Logo expresses a playful approach to the effect of learning on each individual.


The school’s three mascots are born from the need to better relate the school’s core values, the 10 key habits, to the children, as personality traits are easier to grasp than abstract concepts.

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