CLOU designed the interiors of the 4th level of the Chaowai ‘Jewellery Box’ for wedding planning firm Jiuxi.

For a contemporary look we created a modernized interpretation of traditional Italian palazzo floor patterns combined with three colour variants of terrazzo flooring, black anodized steel cladding and stabilized aluminium foam wall panelling. Large rotating mirror walls create dazzling duplication effects of the space around them.


为了体现当代感,我们以一种现代手法诠释了传统意大利宫廷殿堂的地面拼花。此外我们采用了三种不同颜色的水磨石铺装,镀黑发纹不锈钢饰面和墙面发泡铝板材。 大型旋转镜反射了所在空间,创造出一种纷繁的双重效果。

With our design of the 4th floor we have been fully engaged with technology advances in our quest to design a memorable and customer-friendly experience.


The central rotunda is hosting a digital experience centre, combining VR headset technology with conventional 360 degree projections and LED screens with interactive and engaging interfaces.

While including the ‘digital,’ the design retained a core focus on the physical, sensory and experiential dimensions of the space, creating a visceral shopping environment that is out of the ordinary.

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中央圆形空间是数码体验中心,拥有最先进VR设备、360度投影以及互动式触摸屏。 在体现“数码”的同时,这个设计也着重强调对物理空间尺度的感受,营造了一种有别于常规的本质的购物环境。