'Play Stack is a kid’s themed mall conceived as an assembly of boxes containing playful zones. The design seeks to enhance the potential of retail space by turning ordinary activities into playful experiences for kids and adults alike,’ says Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU.

‘叠叠乐 是一个被看做由一系列趣味彩色盒子组成的儿童主题商场。设计重点在于通过将传统购物行为转变为吸引儿童与成人的有趣经历,从而加强商业空间的潜力与可能性,’ CLOU设计总监Jan解释到。

The building’s stacked boxes take shape as its glazed- and chromed façades are heading for completion. Exterior stairs carve the building into a playful ensemble. Flexible in its use, a large scale roof platform will be host to a variety of seasonal events.

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