The award was announced in the category Architecture with the distinction ‘Iconic Awards 2018: Innovative Architecture – Selection.’

Originally built in 1982, CLOU architects repurpose and transform this industrial boiler room into a public gallery in Taiyuan, China. In 2016, the building was stripped of its original structure and was finally converted into a showroom. Additionally, the 2000 sqm building includes a library, reading room, conference centre and a café, making it a target for all audiences.


原工业锅炉房建于1982年,CLOU2016年将之前的原有结构去除,并最终将其改造为一个 2000平米的展示中心,其中包括图书馆,阅览室,会议中心和咖啡厅等功能,从而满足大众多样化的不同需求。

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