We are happy to share Vanke Daxing has won the best shopping centre - interior design - category at the 2018 Red Dot Design Awards.

Nicknamed ‘The Terrace,’ the shopping centre prioritizes good gathering space around the central atrium through a series of suspended indoor galleries and balconies. Having observed that urban activity in Beijing often takes place indoors, CLOU attempted to create an urban environment within the mall.

Statement by the jury: 'The interior architecture consciously blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Meeting places and walkways bring urban life skilfully into this shopping centre.'



评委评语: ‘室内设计有意地模糊了室内与室外的界限。聚集空间以及走道将城市生活带入购物中心内。’

'We hope the commercial space will be adopted as a sort of civic centre, for the reason that it offers a wider range of activities,' says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU.

CLOU的总监Christian Taeubert讲到:’我们希望这个商业空间也同时被看做城市空间的一部分并为人们提供一系列丰富的活动。’

Topped with a shed-roofed skylight, the atrium is flooded with indirect natural light that provides outdoor daylighting conditions to the interior gathering spaces. Public furniture at street scale has been distributed around the atrium on multiple levels, allowing comfortable resting spaces for the customers.

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'Escalators and walkways weave these spaces into a pedestrian network that can lend their support to the developing public domain within Beijing’s Daxing district,' states Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU.

CLOU的总监Jan F. Clostermann讲到:’扶梯和走道将室内空间自然地贯穿一体,形成了一个人行网络,填补了北京大兴区处于发展阶段中的公共区域。’

The 20,000 sqm shopping mall is part of a mixed use development composed of a 124 meter tall office tower as well as a 63 meter tall serviced apartment tower.

About Red Dot Award: The 2018 Red Dot Award has received submissions form 59 countries which were judged by an international jury of recognized experts based on good design and innovation. The award ceremony will take place on the 9th of July at the Red Dot Design Museum located in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen Germany; a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.


关于红点设计大奖: 2018年红点设计大奖收到了来自于59个国家的方案提交并从设计和创新的角度由国际知名的专家进行评选。颁奖仪式将于79日在红点设计博物馆进行。博物馆位于德国艾森的关税同盟煤矿工业区内,属于联合国教科文组织评定的世界遗产之一。