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We are CLOU.
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Across from Jinan’s famous lake, geometric volumes form a multi-level waterfront village, an animated commercial and social meeting point with a front-row view.

China Overseas
Retail & Leisure
On Site
Jinan, Shandong, China
Architecture, Graphics & Wayfinding
26,000 sqm

Lake view, Cubed

Commanding a panoramic view of Jinan’s Huashan Lake, this innovative hub is crafted as a cultural, encounter, and entertainment inspiration for residents and tourists alike, in a citation of the famous local scenery of “Misty Rain in Quehua”.

A patchwork of retail streets and commercial villas breaks with the traditional notion of boxed-up community shopping centres, its composite massing serving as a permeable visual and spatial buffer between the high-density vertical communities and the fantastic natural beauty they face.

Different spatial scales accommodate various business and retail types – behind the continuous transparent shopfronts of the commercial lower levels accentuated by vertical battens, and across the stand-out colours and patterns of the upper cubes with their destination character.

Accessible throughout the day, an all-encompassing landscaped observation deck between the geometric volumes blends nature and buildings in an abstract interpretation of misty rain over the lake.

We are CLOU.