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Extending from the kindergarten to the commercial area, the overall design along the street shows a coherent interface, with different living functional areas integrated and the skyline harmoniously unified. But the internal interface is more flexible, scattered and attractive.

Retail & Leisure
On Site
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
10,000 sqm

Location From Site

“There is heaven above, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below.” Vanke Daxi Valley in Hangzhou is the west gate of Liangzhu Cultural Village. It is geographically adjacent to Dongxi Avenue in the south and Dahufan in the north. In “Shuowen”, “good” is implied as “goodness”, that is, the meaning of beauty, and Chinese culture talks about being kind to make money. The commercial street serves as the gate connecting the 5,000-year-old civilization of Liangzhu and the modern future city, carrying the satisfaction of modern life. It needs and integrates the function of natural and cultural heritage atmosphere.

Daxi Valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains and beautiful waters. The water flow begins behind the main entrance of the south facade of the commercial street. The introduction of mountains and rivers to the hospital symbolizes the success of water. It is the starting point to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern industry and step into a leisurely, open, free and beautiful lifestyle.

Space Settlement Massing

From the social life of clans and tribes in Liangzhu culture to the current concept of small families and communities, the connection between the past and the present has inspired the design of commercial space settlements. We break the regular arrangement of cuboid spaces and add modular communities to linear streets. The area of ​​the retreat area expands the possibility of outdoor social interaction. Walking, stopping, viewing, and talking, the vertical and horizontal moving lines interact, creating a three-dimensional social grid on the street.

When bookstore coffee, fine dining, art design, extra-curricular education and other commercial forms are settled, wandering in it will create a stronger sense of neighborhood life from the architecture.

Canopy Lookout Canopy

More than the sociality of the neighborhood, inspired by the works of Sol LeWitt, the pioneer of conceptual art and the representative artist of American minimalism, the steel structure of three-dimensional shape and geometric progression is still empowering the overall artistry of the building.

Art is not only traditional aesthetics and expressionism, but the canopy of steel structure, with Bauhaus colors, not only visually strengthens the concept of “gate”, but also adds interest in the interaction between man and nature, expanding the The range of public activities available to the shop. Clouds, rain, wind, light and shadow will all reach the ground through the partial occlusion of the canopy.

In the landscape, the big tree planted in the center of the entrance is adjacent to the observation deck of the spiral staircase, which not only integrates with the steel structure, but also has the meaning of ten years of trees and a hundred years of trees, which contrasts with the kindergarten not far away.

Pattern Material

The facades of the commercial street buildings also draw inspiration from the culture of jade ritual wares deeply contained in Liangzhu. Among the ancient jade ornaments unearthed, a relatively ancient geometric ornament is the cloud and thunder pattern. This pattern is composed of continuous convoluted lines, with square and round corners at the corners. The lines and shapes are the pictograms of the ancient word “lei”. We arrange and repeat this jade-derived ornamentation, abstract and refine it, and use minimalist and modern methods to obtain the current architectural framework and prototype.

In addition, the pottery unearthed in Liangzhu is also very meticulous, beautiful in shape and delicate in texture, and the table is often decorated with engraving techniques. Thousands of years ago, they were exquisite arts and crafts and practical daily necessities. Inspired by the profound handicraft origin, the façade of the commercial street building is made of terracotta panels, showing a simple earthy red as a whole. Visually, it is close to nature to a great extent, contrasting with the surrounding green mountains and clear water, and creates a sense of rural life for tourists and residents who visit Liangzhu for a long time.

We are CLOU.