Cubic Village in Hangzhou’s outskirt Xiaoshan is a 21,000 sqm outdoor retail centre.

It is designed as a neighbourhood hub for interaction among the young families and Seniors living in the surrounding residences. We reacted to the high density of the site by fusing of two familiar types of retail: three story individual Cubes float above two levels of retail terraces with small community support shop units. The Cubes accommodate dining, sports, entertainment and children’s education. The combination of these two retail types offers flexibility for creating an interesting mix of small and large tenants to compliment the stimulating three dimensional street life.

The Cubes are connected by a second ground atrium on level 3 directly linked to the main street corner plaza at ground level. This forms a convivial place of interaction between the generations. And with this we hope is to enhance the liveliness of the often times less than busy upper levels in other retail centres.




Cubic Gallery