CLOU seeks to create a building of learning and discovery which eliminates the separations often found in traditional learning environments.

The central space on each level offers themed activity zones such as an indoor running track, a children’s library and an auditorium area. These spaces support social connectivity among the 12 kindergarten classes providing opportunities for ‘free play’ and multifunctional activities.

A music room and an art studio with direct access from the central spaces complement the classroom activities. Back of house program such as the kitchen and teachers offices can be discovered and observed by the children through large panorama windows.

CLOU will be developing the design manual for future NOBO kindergartens from the premise of their educational vision as well as the mind’s eye of a child.



能直达中心广场的音乐教室,美术教室和图书馆为教室的学习活动提供了辅助。 其他的服务功能区,例如厨房或教员办公室,都设有宽广的观摩窗户,让这些空间也能成为小朋友的发现之地。


NOBO International Kindergarten Daqing