The SkyMall is a three-storey 20,000 sqm community mall in Shaoxing. The developer positions the SkyMall to become the hub of their new sports lifestyle community.

It features a rooftop sports park that is open and free of charge throughout the day. On the roof 400-meter running track loops around gardens and sport fields that promote daily workouts in the community. Yellow outdoor staircases colour climb up the stepped volumes of the SkyMall providing access to shoppers and members of the public alike. Restaurants and shops open onto these stepped terraces, creating a sense of street life above ground floor.

The design not only aims to fulfil the need for amenities, but to provide generous civic spaces to socialize, play and exercise. The SkyMall serves as an advertisement for the residential community by showcasing the qualities of its lifestyle. Most importantly, the design for community malls must provide a contemporary version of the village square.




SkyMall Shaoxing