Publisher’s summary: What will architecture be like in the coming years and decades? Are new trends and tendencies emerging? This book presents architects and companies of all schools and styles that could determine the future of construction – and highly likely will do so. With a few already implemented buildings, they have caught the attention of the sector experts and opened the eyes of the general public to what is coming.

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出版书概要: 在未来的几年或几十年里建筑将成为什么?新的建筑趋向与潮流是否正在涌现?这本书涵盖了决定未来建设走向的不同建筑师,建筑公司与学校等多种建筑形式的作品。一些建成落地的项目已经吸引了建筑领域专家的关注并且拓展了公众对于未来建筑可能性的视野。