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Following the success of the first two 2022 editions of the Forum Perspective Virtual dedicated respectively to European, American and Canadian design firms, the third online event focusing on the Middle and Far East design world will take place in December. A rich program of Panel Discussions (free registration, open to the public) will open and close each day, addressing topical issues and involving leading figures in architecture and design on an international scale.

When does the context become central in the design process of new programs? 

‘Designs must resolve and react to the forces of the context: climate, site geography, and traditions. The smaller the building, the more significant the forces of context become. Small buildings need context, but big buildings can create their own context. Architecture needs context, but cities are the context. When designing new programs, newness arises from the tension between local influences and cross-cultural references, between responding to context and creating a new context. Newness comes from thinking big and small at the same time.’

Jan Clostermann
Founding Director CLOU architects and speaker of the Panel Discussion ‘Shaping the Future’

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
China & Hong Kong time: 15:30 – 16:30
“SHAPING THE FUTURE: Rediscovering the potential of space, nurturing place-making strategies and context-driven programs” with Crossboundaries, Design Nomad Studio, CLOU Architects, moderated by THE PLAN

We are CLOU.