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We are CLOU.
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Photographer Shuhe has captured a set of under construction images of CLOU’s Shenyang Play Stack scheduled to open at the end of September 2018.

Play Stack is a kid’s themed mall thought of as piled up boxes containing playful elements. Terraced volumes, connecting staircases and a large roof deck are threaded into a continuous exterior path which will be leading to surprising discoveries. Flexible in its use, a large scale roof platform will be host to a variety of seasonal events.

‘The design seeks to turn routine activities into playful experiences for kids and adults alike,’ says Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU

Seeking to attract children and their families, the interior design features abstracted images of planets and space travel to encourage exploration. The design of the atrium space plays with optical illusions by projecting parts of circular shapes on atrium galleries, walls and ceilings, distinguishing them with colour and timber finishes. The scattered shapes form perfect circles from specific viewpoints.

Customers are engaged in discovering these viewpoints and capturing their experience on their camera phone. Within the restrooms stripes of black and red infinitely repeat in mirrors evoking cinematic depictions of travelling at light speed.

We are CLOU.