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We are CLOU.
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FRAME Magazine’s November-December issue explores the present – and future – of educational institutions. Calling for the porous campus, the publication questions the relevance of physical faculties and their singular function, and examines ways of redefining their presence and role in the urban fabric. Filled with facilities that can benefit more than just the student body, they can assume a more prominent and meaningful role within the communities that surround them. 

In the chapter about environmental education, FRAME unfolds several spaces for multi-generational learning about sustainability outside of the traditional education sphere. CLOU’s Sanya Farm Lab is one of them.

The architects at CLOU brought the space to life using both active and passive sustainability principles. Two examples are the open façade, which introduces natural airflow and light into the interior while reducing sunlight incidence by 70 per cent, and a system for harvesting rainwater to irrigate the building’s landscape.

We are CLOU.