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Topic: The Changing Role of Commercial Space in Urban Regeneration

Lecturer: Zhi Zhang, Associate Director/Class 1 Architect

Time: 3 August (Wednesday) 14:30-15:00


In the course of contemporary urban development, commercial space is also quietly undergoing a role changing. CLOU will take a microscopic view, to focus on the changes in the way people socialise, entertain and live in the course of urban regeneration. Exploring the transformation of public spaces and functions carried by commercial spaces. Discovering a more harmonious symbiosis between work, residence and living space. To experiment with more organic solutions for urban commercial spaces.

Organised by REARD, REARD Urban Renewal Cultural Season bringing together the diverse perspectives of experts, academics and practitioners in the field of urban regeneration, exploring together the future of urban regeneration in the contemporary urban development process. The theme of the fourth cultural season is “Culture, Heritage and Innovation”, focusing on urban regeneration in relation to people and culture, seeking creative and humane places to work and live.

We are CLOU.