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An urban courtyard oasis breathes new life into a Beijing landmark, in an infusion of comfort and functionality from morning to evening.

Mixed Use & Transport, Retail & Leisure, Urban Renewal, Workplace
On Site
Beijing, China
Façade, Interiors
150,000 sqm

Landmark Oasis

Originally built in 2005 for South Korea’s LG Group, the landmark twin towers that characterise the Yong’anli stretch of Beijing’s Chang’An Avenue were purchased in 2020 by GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.

The podium zone that connects the two towers is subject to a complete redesign: an interior contemporisation from a dark, compartmentalised vertical circulation shaft into a bright, multi-faceted, and user-centered space complementing the adjacent office uses; and an exterior face-lift with welcoming facades and skylights that underline circulation and entrance situations.

Interspersing contemporary workspace with recreational offers, the central atrium was conceived as an urban courtyard oasis, an all-day social gathering spot where sunlight, landscaping, and art create a comfortable environment at the intersection of work and commerce. Day-to-night uses, from co-working gardens to health and wellness facilities and dining establishments, ensure vibrancy of the five above-ground levels of this central zone beyond office hours, while the basement offers extended daily services in direct connectivity to Yong’anli metro station.

Vertically staggered platforms and a large staircase emphasise an animated three-dimensional circulation, with green plants and artwork creating connective islands of interest below a newly expanded skylight. Large interior windows establish visual interaction between the multi-storey atrium and its adjacent services.

Public interiors continue the upscale contemporary language into the twin tower zones: two grand ground floor lobbies create a newly invigorated entrance experience to the prime office spaces, with the elegant, bright design theme extending into the public zones of all office floors.

Podium facades are reconfigured to emphasise both the revived importance of the atrium as an individual element, and the connectivity between the two towers: a generous central gateway access replaces the multiple narrow entrance points of the original design, while horizontal façade striations evoke a sense of contemporary calm and harmony across the entire complex.

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We are CLOU.