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The SkyMall is a three-storey 20,000 sqm community mall in Shaoxing. The developer has positioned the SkyMall to become the hub of their new sports lifestyle community.

Retail & Leisure
In Progress
Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
20,000 sqm

Sky Running Track

The proposal features a rooftop sports park that is open and free of charge throughout the day. 400-metre running track on the roof loops around gardens and sports fields, promoting daily workouts to the community. Yellow external staircases ascend the stepped volumes of the SkyMall providing access to shoppers and members of the public alike. Restaurants and shops open onto these stepped terraces, creating a sense of street life above the ground floor.

A Contemporary village square

The design not only aims to fulfil the need for amenities, but also to provide generous civic spaces to socialise, play and exercise. The SkyMall serves as an advertisement for the residential community by showcasing the qualities of its lifestyle. Most importantly, the community mall provides a contemporary version of the village square.

The Reflection of Street Life

Outdoor staircases take the circulation directly to the top floor and then guide it down gradually. Together with gyms, movie theaters, and kid education centers located at both ends of the building, form an all-around streamline that penetrates from “exterior to interior” and from “top to bottom”. 

The facades’ materiality plays on the project’s name SkyMall. Triple height glass volumes at the entrances draw in shoppers and invite generous amounts of natural light. Boxes clad in corrugated refract the sky whilst the dichroic glass enveloping the running track tinges the panorama of the neighborhood in many colours.


Project Team

Design Team
Contruction Drawings
Zhejiang Shi Lang Long Shan Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Facade Consultant
Zhejiang Wulin Group

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